Meet the MBK Scholars 2016-17

The inaugural class of MBK Scholars are college students placed with One Love Global for course credit to gain practical experience in promoting racial equity through policy and systems transformation. The MBK Scholars pilot is made possible through a grant from Council on Social Work Education to Michigan State University's School of Social Work. The MBK Scholars Supervision team includes MSU SSW faculty Lynn Nee and Julie Navarre.

My name is Blythe Bugg, and I am a MBK MY Lansing Scholar with One Love Global.  MBK is important to me because it allows me to work with other communities, organizations, and schools to enact meaningful change for youth of color. I believe MBK will allow me to collaborate with youth to better understand what needs to change in order to close the gap to promote racial equity.


Cassondra Church is a first year graduate student studying Social Work at Michigan State University with an emphasis on Organizational Community Leadership. She is a proud citizen of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians and works closely with her tribe and other Indigenous communities to advocate for social justice. Ms. Church has many passions surrounding Indigenous communities, child welfare, social justice, and racial equity. To indulge her passion of child welfare she serves as an active board member on the National Indian Child Welfare Association, and advocates for the well-being of children throughout the country. Ever since Cassondra was a young girl, she has seen first-hand social injustices and racial inequities that have surrounded her community, herself personally, and other people of color. She has dedicated her college career towards educating herself and others about the effects of social injustices, while emphasizing the dire need to make change through policies and programs. Throughout her undergraduate work at Michigan State University she worked with various multicultural organizations directly related to her passions. Some of these organizations include the North American Indigenous Student Organization, the Council of Racial and Ethnic Students and the Council of Progressive Students, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Leadership Conference Planning Committee. Ms. Church also serves as the Co-Vice President of the National Congress of American Indians Youth Commission where she participates in policy and advocacy work with individuals and tribes across the nation. Currently, Cassondra is working with One Love Global as a My Brother’s Keeper Scholar. Her work involves helping to close opportunity gaps faced by men of color using the six milestones initiated by President Barack Obama. Throughout her time as a My Brother’s Keeper Scholar she will focus on milestones one (getting a healthy start and entering school ready to learn) and four (completing postsecondary education or training). She looks forward to working with One Love Global and partner organizations to affect change within the community and the greater Lansing area.


My name is Joshua Clark and I am an MBK Scholar with One Love Global. I am currently serving in Southeastern Michigan. More specifically, I am working in Inkster to reestablish the MBK Community Challenge. I have worked for the Department of Health and Human Services in Inkster since September 2010. Although I have served as a case worker for thousands of adult clients in the community, I have never worked primarily with the youth in the community. As I continue to learn more about what MBK represents, I believe the program can have a tremendous impact on the youth in the Inkster Community. I look forward to working with and getting to know community leaders in the city that all have children’s best interest at heart.  


Stephanie Dixon is a first-year scholar for MBK Detroit. Stephanie is a second-year graduate student at Michigan State University School of Social Work, with a concentration in Organization and Community Leadership. Stephanie’s professional goal is to become a director of community development while largely focusing on education and housing. As a director of community development, Stephanie would like to implement programs that allow youth to have access to educational resources that promote academic success. Most importantly, Stephanie would like to eliminate the housing disparities in urban communities that create social, income, and education inequalities.  Stephanie was born and raised in Detroit, MI. Stephanie is a product of Detroit Public Schools as well as a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Stephanie currently works as a case manager for a health insurance company. Stephanie’s professional and educational background has allowed her to work with individuals from diverse groups. Ultimately, Stephanie would like to be the agent of change who creates bigger and better opportunities for tomorrow’s future leaders.


I am SeQouia Hogan a first year MSW student on the Flint Campus. I was born and raised in Flint and a graduate of Flint Northwestern High school. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Ferris States University. I have worked with youth of the Flint area for several years. I am very passionate about working with youth and hope that I can make a difference in their lives.


Frances Jackson was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and became a teenage mother at age 14.  She learned that there were little to no teen parent services in Urban Communities. This is where her passion of Advocacy for young Children and Youth developed. She obtained her Associated of Applied Science from Schoolcraft College in 2010. She went onto obtain her Bachelor’s of Social Work degree in 2012 from Wayne State University, School of Social Work. Upon completion of her Social Work degree, she went straight to being employed with the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to work in Child Welfare regarding Abuse, Neglect, and Juvenile Justice. She became certified in Forensic interviewing and vastly knowledgeable of Children and Family Assessments surrounding social issues. Frances Jackson is currently a Michigan State University student at the School of Social Work Master’s program. Frances Jackson is also a MSU Advocacy Scholar as part of MSU’s Advocacy focus. She is currently working with “My Brother’s Keeper’ through One Love Global. Prior to joining the MBK Alliance, Frances worked with various political approaches in the community for policy change surrounding urban issues to combat racial inequality, poverty, and economic equity, that is effecting our youth of color. She is both diligent in her Social Work practice and committed to the profession. Frances Jackson’s focus is regarding Children’s Rights and Social Welfare. Aside of being a Social Worker, Frances Jackson is also a Mentor and a Spiritual Leader amongst women in the community.


Hello my name is Kara Jackson I am a student at Lansing Community College, working on my Associates Degree in Human Services. I serve as an MBK Scholar in the Lansing, MI area. I also work with PPYAM (Peace & Prosperity Youth Action Movement) a local youth group, as a youth organizer. MBK has proven to be a successful organizer in the Movement for Black Lives, by focusing on the 6 Milestones. MBK is currently working to ensure a positive future for our youth, and I look forward to working with them as well as in my community. 


Lorri Jenkins is an educator and business professional with more than 16 years of leadership experience and administrative expertise working within non­profit, government and corporate sectors designing, developing, and managing educational programs and projects. Lorri is committed to social justice and educational equity, which is evidenced by her history of working closely with, and on behalf of, underserved youth and communities. As an educator, she has taught writing and literature at several colleges and universities.  At present, Lorri is a doctoral student in the College of Education at Michigan State University, where she prepares preservice teachers in courses related to educational equity and diversity. Her research interests include academic enrichment programs and pre service teacher preparation within urban contexts.


My name is Keshara Mumford and I am a MBK Scholar with One Love Global. I am currently serving in Detroit, MI with the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation. MBK matters to me because it gives me an opportunity to serve my community and see a change in youth lives. MBK will allow for me to become a part of a collaborative team that will impact the lives of many youth across cities. I hope to build a meaningful rapport with the youth in my community, create opportunities for youth through collaborative impact, and act as a liaison between alliance members to focus on MBK 6 milestones. 



Theodore S. Ransaw Ph.D. is a Research Specialist in the Arts and Humanities, Affiliated Faculty in African American and African Studies, both at Michigan State University as well as a former Males of Color Achievement Gap Specialist.  His research area focuses on gender and educational outcomes.  He is the author of The Art of Being Cool: The Pursuit of Black Masculinity, and co-author of the book series International Race and Education by MSU Press.  He can be reached at,,, and


My name is Bridget Salogar. I am from Ferndale, MI. I went to Albion College, where I majored in Psychology. I am currently a Masters in Social Work student at Michigan State University. I hope to work with youth in schools in the future. 

Shani Saxon, LMSW is the owner and clinical provider of Turning Corners Consulting, Inc. where she provides consulting services and emotional/behavioral counseling to individuals and groups. Shani is a BASW Clinical Instructor, Field Instructor for My Brother's Keeper (MBK) Scholars project and co-advisor for the Students for Social Work Activism & Advocacy Group at Michigan State University. 




My name is Brittani Staley and I am the One Love Global and MBK Michigan MSW Consultant for the MBK Scholars. I attended Central Michigan University (CMU) where I met my husband and earned a degree in Sociology with a minor in Communication Disorders. During my time at CMU I was blessed to have a son who is very active. After working in the field for about 6 months, I realized I wanted to pursue something else so went back to school at Michigan State University (MSU). Growing up in Detroit and Metro Detroit area, I saw so many families struggling and youth following negative paths that I decided to study Social Work specializing in Macro Practice to take on larger societal issues. During my final year of graduate school I requested to build a partnership between One Love Global (OLG) and MSU by being the first MSW student to be placed at OLG. I had so many opportunities to grow, develop skills, and network with those who are prominent leaders in the Lansing area that when I graduated in May 2016 I decided to stay involved with OLG and MY Lansing My Brother’s Keeper. A few weeks after graduation Angela called me and said that MSU issued a grant that would take what I thought was a great placement and opportunity to work with MBK and turn it into a statewide project. Now there are over 4 colleges placing MSW students in MBK communities to do similar work to what I was doing as an intern and are the FIRST MBK Scholars Cohort. Because of my work with OLG and MBK that Angela would ask me to be the MBK Michigan Consultant to the MBK Scholar Cohort. I am extremely honored to be a part of this team and I cannot wait to see MSW students and MBK communities thrive.

Siobhan Williams is a Benton Harbor, MI native whom is working to complete a Master of Social Work degree at Western Michigan University (WMU), in Kalamazoo, MI, in addition to earning a certificate in Integrated Holistic Health and Wellness. Siobhan is completing her concentration field placement with the City of Benton Harbor, in partnership with the My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper of Michigan Alliance. Siobhan is interested in working for the federal government, clinical therapy with youth, non-profit leadership, early childhood literacy initiatives, youth character and leadership development, social justice, community organizing, as well as micro, mezzo and macro level social work opportunities. Additionally, Siobhan has prior experience in foster care, family preservation services, classroom facilitation, early childhood literacy initiatives, program coordination, community organizing and engagement, marketing practices, diversity and inclusion initiatives, parenting education, youth residential and outreach services. 

Additional Scholars

Craig Blatchford

Tracy-Ann Jenkins

Carolyn Creamer