What Is Raise the Age?

This campaign aims to raise the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to 18. Michigan remains one of the few states that automatically prosecutes all 17-year olds as adults. This policy is at odds with state laws and national and international policies that declare adulthood to begin at age 18.

View the presentation given to our MBK Scholars to educate them on the urgency of the need for policy change and the campaign to facilitate transformation. MBK Scholars across the state convene weekly via Zoom as a community of practice to build career pathways in our expanded framework for STEAM.

What is Michigan Department of Education Top 10 in 10?

Seven months of collective input from the public and education stakeholders across the state has developed a set of targeted strategies to help Michigan become a Top 10 education state in 10 years.

The set of strategies unveiled Tuesday are designed to:

  • Construct a solid and sustainable P-20 system to educate all children for success;
  • Meet and support the learning needs of ALL children;
  • Meet and support the professional needs of ALL educators;
  • Design systems to overcome the disparities experienced by children and schools;
  • Empower parents and families to actively participate in their child’s education;
  • Partner with employers to develop a strong, educated, and highly-skilled workforce; and
  • Leading and lifting Michigan education through greater service from Lansing

MBK Michigan Issues

What policy and systems transformation issues is MBKMI working on?